Sunday, July 29, 2012

FOOD TRIP @ Robinson's Galleria EXTENDED!!

Good News!!!

For those, who missed our Food Trip, don't worry, because we are now EXTENDED, until July 31, 2012!!! see you!!!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Bagoong Alamang (sauteed shrimp paste)

Along with the Spanish Sardines, we are also introducing BAGOONG ALAMANG (sauteed shrimp paste). It is made just with the regular taste of a typical bagoong, not too sweet, not too spicy. Just the way you like it!

This is perfect for kare kare, or simply on a green sliced mango. :)

Bagoong Alamang
sauteed shrimp paste

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Spanish Sardines in Corn Oil

Introducing our newest addition to our product lists-- SPANISH SARDINES!! in corn oil. I am very much overwhelmed by the positive feed backs we received at the Food Trip Robinsons Galleria, where we debuted our spanish sardines. I also got to meet a few very interesting customers :) Thank you po Mam Daphne, Mam Tess and Mrs. Padua. It was really nice meeting you all. Hope to see you all again before we end our exhibit in Galleria, or better yet, in our stall in Market! Market! :)

Spanish sardines are very popular for Filipinos to eat during break fast, putting a sardine on top on a very hot steamy white rice. YUMMY! And add sunny side up (fried egg) to top it all off. :P Now, I am getting hungry!


ingredients: Sardines, Corn Oil, Carrots, Pickles, Chili
For every bottle of our Spanish Sardines, there are approximately 5 pcs of sardines - lapad (wide belly with meat) along with a few pieces of carrots and pickles for garnish, and chili. One may opt to crush the chili, for a spicier Spanish Sardines. But when chili is not crushed, it is just slightly have a hint of chili flavor in the corn oil.

I hope you can get to try our delicious Spanish Sardines. They are available at Palawan Cart, Fiesta Market, Market! Market! and also at Level 1 Atrium Level Food Trip Robinson's Galleria*. See you there!

*Food Trip Robinsons Galleria runs from July 23 till July 29, 2012. It is possible that it will be extended until the 31st of July, but I will keep you posted if they get to be extended. 

New Products!

Exotic Delicacies of Palawan always try to improve and add more variety to its product line, and I am proud to introduce to you our new product line of HARVEY'S FOOD PRODUCTS. They are from our neighboring province, Mindoro, which is under our MIMAROPA (MIndoro-MArinduque-ROmblon-PAlawan) region. As of now, we carry their products and is now available in our Market! Market! Store and in Robinson's Galleria Food Trip :-)

So far, our best seller is the SPICY PUSIT (Spicy Squid) Not far from the best seller's list are the Sweet Pusit (sweet squid), Spicy Boneless Dilis (spicy boneless achovy) and the Boneless Dilis (boneless anchovy).

Our Bestseller, Spicy Pusit
P65 each
P120 for 2packs

Sweet Pusit
P65 each
P120 for 2packs

Spicy Boneless Dilis
P55 each
P100 for 2 packs

Boneless Dilis
P55 each
P100 for 2 packs

In addition to those yummy full of flavor dilis (anchovy) and pusit (squid), with variations of spicy and sweet, Harveys Food Products also have atcharas. Not just your ordinary atchara papaya, they also have atchara eggplant! :) 

Pickled Papaya
P140 per bottle
350 grams

Pickled Eggplant
P140 per bottle
And for those who LOVE CHILI, here is a little something for you that you will definitely LOVE! You can have that chili oil in your dining room and put on your food anytime you want!

Chinese Hot Chili Oil
P140 per bottle
200 grams

Happy Eating!! :p

Monday, July 23, 2012

Food Trip at Galleria starts TODAY!

Food Trip at Galleria starts TODAY!
Come and visit us !
July 23 to July 29, 2012 only!!!

our 1st day! cute pink aprons for all exhibitors! :)

 See you!!!! :D


Thursday, July 19, 2012

Robinson's Galleria Food Trip Official Poster

Free Seminars of DTI

Reminding everyone that the FREE DTI SEMINARS will start tomorrow already! It is a 2 (two) day affair -- which are scheduled on July 20 and July 21, 2012. The DTI  (Department of Trade and Industry)  offers a wide variety of seminars for you to choose from. Please refer to my previous post, for the detailed scheduled seminar topics.

It is very RARE nowadays, to get and experience FREE seminars! And not to mention that these seminars are lectured by guaranteed experts at DTI. In short, lessons are sure to be efficient and worth the time.  Take advantage of it, and make time to attend which seminars you like! :)

I will attend, the "How to market your products" on July 20, 2012 (that's tomorrow already- Friday) and "Meat Processing" on July 21, 2012, Saturday.  After the seminars, I will be sharing photos and lectures! 

Hope to see you there!!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Food Trip at Robinsons Galleria July 23 to July 29, 2012

Regional Delicacies & Baked Creations
Robinsons Galleria, Level 1, Atrium

July 23 to July 29, 2012

Hello everyone!!! :)

I am so excited to announce that our booth - Exotic Delicacies of Palawan wll be available at Robinsons Galleria, Level 1 Atrium area, from July 23 till July 29, 2012 !

Since our regular store is only at Fiesta Market, Market Market, Fort Bonifacio at Taguig, we cannot wait to share our delicious products in the Ortigas Area, and Mandaluyong Area, and basically all of the North Area potential customers. 

We will be bringing in all our staple products such as cashew nuts-- Roasted, dried fishes, our very famous Lamayo, of course, I will also be carrying my neighboring province of Mindoro-- Merl's Special Suman sa Lihiya- who was my neighbor in the DTI Food Fair Exhibit at Mega Trade Hall Mega Mall, and our newest collection of all, is Harvey's Products , also from Mindoro.

It is unfortunate, that I had forgotten to take pictures of Harvey and Auntie Merls, but do not worry, I will show you when I get to meet them again on September during OTOP Exhibit at Mega Mall.

Exotic Delicacies of Palawan is under the Region 4B MIMAROPA, which consists of MIndoro-MArinduque-ROmblon-PAlawan. :) So, as much as possible, I want to also support and introduce to my customers what MIMAROPA as a  region can offer to all the wonderful people of Manila! :)

Mabuhay tayong lahat! :)

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Last day at MSMED 2012 :)

Last day! and it was time to Egress (to pull out and exit from the exhibit)

I would like to thank everyone who had supported me in this whole exhibit, I got to know a lot of people from all walks of life. It was really a great experience for me. This had tested me and challenged me more to do better. So that means, expect a better booth on SEPTEMBER! :D  Yes, that is right, you will see me again in Mega Trade Hall, on September 19-23, 2012 for the OTOP (One Town One Product). 

OTOP is a huge event which is done annually and it does not only cover foods (like this food fair) but also all kinds of products-- fabrics, handicrafts, you name it, they got it all. (hmm sounds familiar... well I guess because we are also be doing the OTOP in SM Mega Mall hehe)

So again, thank you! and see you all in September! :)

Mabuhay tayong lahat mga Pilipino!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Day 2 - MSMED Food Fair

Hi guys!

Its already Day 2, and look at our Booth #134! Thats my staff, Analyn, smiling for all of us. Always ready to give you assistance if you visit us. :D

Today, it rained and with this kind of weather, when its cold, it is nice to eat lamayo, and dried fishes. :)

Kita Kits Business Training 2012

In lieu with the MSMED Food Fair (July 12-15, 2012), DTI and MSMED also offers FREE business trainings a few days after the MSMED Food Fair. This is perfect for all the aspiring entrepreneurs, and it is a great way of exploring and expanding your knowledge of the craft you have chosen.

Kita Kits Business Training offers 2 days of FREE TRAINING -- on July 20, and July 21 at DTI Enterprise Center located at Sen. Gil J. Puyat Avenue (more commonly known as BUENDIA), Roxas Blvd, Pasay City. Training starts on 830am till 5pm, same schedule for the 2 days.

Have fun! and Good luck to all aspiring entrepreneurs! Remember, starting up is not always easy, but focus always concentrate on the positivity and to the success of your business! :)

PS. if you need a clearer copy of the schedule, kindly post or email us at for me to send you the file via email. :)


MSMED Food Fair
July 12-15, 2012
5/F Mega Trade Hall, Mega Mall Bldg B

What is MSMED? It is defined as MICRO, SMALL AND MEDIUM ENTERPRISE DEVELOPMENT. It is under DTI - Department of Trade and Industry. They are focused to promote and develop further all type of businesses from Micro, small to medium ones. (the organization title is a little bit self explanatory :) )

The MSMED Food Fair started today, July 12, 2012 and will end on its 4th day on Sunday July 15, 2012.

Posters hang around the mall to inform and remind people to check it out. The event promises a wide variety of products - some new, some veterans already. This is a refreshing way to revisit how beautiful and creative our fellow countrymen are.

Exotic Delicacies of Palawan is proud to represent the province of Palawan, under Region 4-B. You can find us at Booth # 134.

Favorites such as LAMAYO, CASHEW, BRITTLE, and DRIED FISHES are being sold here. Prices are reduced exclusively for this event, as compared to the regular prices at Market Market. So, its really a good decision to buy from the Food Fair, and save a couple.

LAMAYO - best to deep fry to crisp.

Discounted Prices ONLY at MSMED Food Fair

                                                  MSMED Discounted Price          Market Market Store Price
  Lamayo Boneless 250gms                        P150                                         P210 
  Lamayo Regular   250gms                        P130                                         P160
  Roasted Cashew  500gms                        P370                                         P550   
  Roasted Cashew  250gms                        P190                                         P225                       

Huge discounts only for you! so, swing by and buy from us at Mega Trade Hall. See you there! :)

****************************  HAPPY SHOPPING !! ******************************