About Us

In 2005, Market! Market! in Taguig City, created a section called, Fiesta Market, which has rows and rows of regional carts from all over the country. Each regional cart, is designed to showcase all its highlights of each designated island or region in the Philippines. And Palawan is one of the few selected regions to bring Palawan products to the Manila customers.

Exotic Delicacies of Palawan represents the region of Palawan, it carries products from food products, pika pika, to handicrafts. Palawan is very well known for its signature delicacies/products, such as their famous
LAMAYO (marinated danggit), ROASTED CASHEWS, and RAINMAKER. Other products like Honey, Dried Fishes, are also staple products in the cart.

When you visit us in Market! Market!, it is the same feeling when you visit Palawan. Products are authentic and guaranteed fresh all the time. It is a great way to save money and spares you the hassle of personally handcarrying the "pasalubong" items you bought from Palawan. Instead of paying those overweight baggages, you can just opt to buy it from us, at a very reasonable and affordable prices, making your vacation hassle free and worry free.

Not only that it is cost efficient, it is also a great way of escaping the embarrassment of forgetting to buy pasalubong for your loved ones. You can simply rush to Palawan Cart in Market Market, and Voila! you have an instant pasalubong for them. Isn't that great? You dont need to make up any excuses.

In times, that you feel the urge to taste the Lamayo, which you ate from your last visit from Palawan, you dont need to go back to Palawan just to buy them, just come and visit us! See you there!