KALUI (restaurant)

KALUI, probably known as one of the BEST restaurant in Puerto Princesa, Palawan. If you have a guest, and want them to be impressed? This simply is the best restaurant to go to. Surely, they will not disappoint you.
KALUI (restaurant)

Everytime I go back to Palawan, I always eat at KALUI, restaurant in Puerto Princesa. It is reasonably priced, and it has the freshest seafood you can ever taste. :)

As the sign say, BETTER BY RESERVATION. That is
correct. Most of the times, KALUI, is fully booked. I normally call a day to 3 day advance to make sure I have a seat.

A garden will welcome you as you enter the spacious restaurant.

Receiving Area, where the waiter will ask you to remove your shoes, and put them on those tiny drawers (right side of the pic) and you will have walk barefoot. yes, on your feet! Its actually a wonderful feeling. Wooden floors are very cool especially when the weather is hot and humid.

Get comfy with their seating arrangements. Groups can sit on the floor as they enjoy their meals. 

If sitting on the floor is not your thing, you can enjoy your meals with the conventional seating with artifacts and paintings on the side as decorations. 

It is nice to see that KALUI, has preserved our Filipino culture by using a BANGA, an oversized jar, which stores water, to wash your hands before and after your meals.

I always order KALUI SPECIAL FOR THE DAY (good for 2 pax) for P395.

LATO as appetizer. Lato is a kind of seaweed. It is eaten fresh, just make sure its thoroughly washed, and delicious when dipped in vinegar with calamansi. (just like how it is shown here in the photo)

GRILLED TUNA to perfection

PINAKBET. - kalabasa (squash), sitaw (string beans) and some tomatoes.


SHRIMPS, simply delicious. So fresh.

MANGO SHAKE. This is what I ordered as my refreshment. 

FRESH FRUITS as dessert. Fresh fruits - papaya, pineapple, mango, banana, are all placed inside a half buko shell with buko meats still on it, and mascovado sugar sprinkled on top of it.

As you exit the restaurant, this sign will greet you.



Choice CatchPhp*
Served with Veggies of the day, Rice or Camote Fries, and a choice of the following:
Tuna Steak160
Fish Cordon Bleu160
Blue Marlin185

Specially for Vegetarians
Kalui Veggie Plate130

Kalui Special of the Day

Fish Steak, Prawns, Veggies of the Day, Chili Crabs, rice and starters Set à la family, pwede for two.395

Side Orders

Shrimps Halabos or in Garlic Butter170
Sizzling Seafood Sisig170
Blue Marlin300
Tempura Kaka (all veggies)150
Sea catch Tempura150
Seafood Kangkong150
Stingray in Coco Cream150
Eel in Coco Cream150
Crispy Fish Tail350
Sinigang ni Kaka200

Palawan’s Harvest:

Crabs375/half kilo
Lobster700/half kilo

* Php + 10% service charge


Fresh fruit ShakesPhp*
Mango,Pineapple,Papaya,Water Melon,Buko,Avocado,Jackfruit200
Green Mango w/ ginger50
Wheatgrass in Coco Juice and Palawan honey55
Coco Banana50
Sip coco water from a young cocofruit,40
Ice tea45
Bottled Water (500ml)30
Coke, Sprite, Cali ,Royal, RC Cola35
Coke Zero40
Coffee, Hot Tea35
San Miguels
Pale Pilsen, Lights, SuperDry, Strong Ice40
Wines*see wine list

For more info, please visit http://www.kaluirestaurant.com