MSMED Food Fair
July 12-15, 2012
5/F Mega Trade Hall, Mega Mall Bldg B

What is MSMED? It is defined as MICRO, SMALL AND MEDIUM ENTERPRISE DEVELOPMENT. It is under DTI - Department of Trade and Industry. They are focused to promote and develop further all type of businesses from Micro, small to medium ones. (the organization title is a little bit self explanatory :) )

The MSMED Food Fair started today, July 12, 2012 and will end on its 4th day on Sunday July 15, 2012.

Posters hang around the mall to inform and remind people to check it out. The event promises a wide variety of products - some new, some veterans already. This is a refreshing way to revisit how beautiful and creative our fellow countrymen are.

Exotic Delicacies of Palawan is proud to represent the province of Palawan, under Region 4-B. You can find us at Booth # 134.

Favorites such as LAMAYO, CASHEW, BRITTLE, and DRIED FISHES are being sold here. Prices are reduced exclusively for this event, as compared to the regular prices at Market Market. So, its really a good decision to buy from the Food Fair, and save a couple.

LAMAYO - best to deep fry to crisp.

Discounted Prices ONLY at MSMED Food Fair

                                                  MSMED Discounted Price          Market Market Store Price
  Lamayo Boneless 250gms                        P150                                         P210 
  Lamayo Regular   250gms                        P130                                         P160
  Roasted Cashew  500gms                        P370                                         P550   
  Roasted Cashew  250gms                        P190                                         P225                       

Huge discounts only for you! so, swing by and buy from us at Mega Trade Hall. See you there! :)

****************************  HAPPY SHOPPING !! ******************************