DZMM Radyo Negosyo with Carl Balita

DZMM Radyo Negosyo 
with Carl Balita
Sept 22, 2012

Hi everyone! OTOP (One Town One Product) fair also known as Market Week, comes once a year, and every year, we get the privilege to be invited at DZMM Radyo Negosyo with Carl Balita. All MIMAROPA exhibitors were invited to showcase their products and I am glad to be one of them. :)

me (in white), ate ellen, and ate merls
As a distributer here in Manila, and being part of the MIMAROPA, I also carry Ate Merl's Suman sa Lihiya, and soon to carry Ate Ellen's Mama Yami's Peanut Butter-- all variants. I will soon update if Ate Ellen's famous yummy peanut butter is already available in the stores/bazaars.

DTI Directors of Mimaropa and Rico (right most) exhibitor from Marinduque
DTI Palawan Director Dang Fortunado (leftmost)

Group pic with DTI Regional Director Joel Valera

Me and host Carl Balita