Opening Ceremony, at Market Week 2012

For every event, there's always the OPENING CEREMONY, and I honestly think, that the organizers of Market Week, outdid themselves. It started of with DTI staff singing their hymn then followed by singing our National Anthem.

the event host
The guest speaker for the opening ceremony was Senator Loren Legarda, which was welcomed by the First Lady of DTI Secretary Domingo.

Sen Legarda & First Lady of DTI
Senator Loren Legarda message was very inspirational and moving that I would want to follow on to her footsteps. I like that she wears our local handmade pina top. Heres a full whole body picture to make you appreciate it more. 

Pina top worn on top of a simple long sleeves shirt, which becomes an instant elegant attire!
What really moved me, was when Sen. Loren Legarda mentioned, that whenever she's out of town, she would go out of her way to just visit and support the local weavers despite the hazardous that may come her way. That is what I can say, passion. The passion to help and support is there, and I truly admire her for that.

A Traditional Benguet Dance
After Senator Loren Legarda's speech, we were given the chance to witness a traditional dance with  First Lady of DTI, and the Governor of Benguet joining the dance. It was really entertaining. It is rare to see people still remembers our traditional dance, not to mention that majority of us, enjoys hiphop, and the latest craze on gangnam dancing.

First Lady of DTI and Me :)

Of course, I should have a souvenir photo with our First Lady of DTI, since I was not able to have a photo taken with Sen Legarda, as she was in a hurry to leave and to attend the senate hearing. Perhaps next time, if there is a chance, I will not pass on the opportunity to take one with the Senator.