WEEKEND GOURMET MARKET, September 15, 2012

Hi Everyone!!!

It was raining hard earlier but, hoping that it will eventually stop raining. In case, you are in the area at LIBIS, come and visit us at 2nd Floor, Eastwood Mall.

That is us, in the right side of the pic, we are located in the corner stall, exactly in front of Nautica Store.

It has been a while, that we ran out of stock of Organic Salted Eggs, but its finally back!!! This was because of the reason that, normally, during July-September, it is low season for duck eggs. We can now enjoy again the organic salted egg, not only that is is healthy but also delicious!

Roasted Cashew Nuts. It is a staple products in our stores. We would like to introduce our new Cashew Label. :) The Cashew Nuts are all oven baked, no additives.

These Spanish Style Sardines are very saleable in our stores, that we replenish every week. It can last 1 year after production, but who will wait for a year to eat it? Come on now, and get yourselves a bottle of it! :)

Enjoy your shopping! :)