Lets welcome 2013 with a GREAT START!!! :D

Happy New Year Everyone!! 
again :)

Last January 3, 2013, I just got back from Palawan for the holidays, I received an anonymous call and was quite hesitant to answer it, but I was thankful that I did! Because it was a call from Vanessa, Research/Writer Staff of TV 5!

Vanessa  invited me to be a guest in Good Morning Club which airs every day during the timeslot of 5am till 730am. She asked me if I will be available the next day, and call time was 4am! Waah. So early! But it was a really good opportunity and a good luck start for my 2013, so I still gladly accepted it, and will not turn down a very good opportunity like that ;-)

All along I thought its just near Ch2 and Ch7, but I was wrong, it was located at Novaliches! I got lost 3 times but it was all worth it. I got just in time, just 5minutes before they start the show! Here are some pics of the interview :)

the ati atihan dance between intervals of each show's segment

our show case cart in Good Morning Club set

Tin Tin Bersola-Babao and Lucky interviews me

Lucky holding up a pack of Lamayo, and we are discussing how it was prepared

Of course, I could not pass the opportunity to have my pictures taken with the Tv Hosts :) Here are some pics of me with the hosts.

Me and Cheryl Cosim

Me and Lucky Mercado

Me and Tintin Bersola-Babao

Me and Shalala

Me and Grace Lee

Me and  Chiqui Roa-Puno