Trinoma Street Fair

Trinoma Street Fair
August 21-23, 2014
Activity Area, Trinoma Mall

I always enjoy doing exhibits at Trinoma Mall. I meet a lot of customers from all walks of life! I even met someone, who works at Philippine Embassy at Guam! She was so nice that she invited me to go to Guam, and gave me her contact details in case I happen to visit the country of Guam! Its so unfortunate that I was not able to take a picture of her there! :( But, who knows, someday soon, I will definitely visit the lovely islands of Guam. :)

Here is some pictures of us in our exhibit in Trinoma, activity area. :)

This one, of course, with my ever loyal, sales staff, Analyn who always gets shy and flashing her dashing smile to my mobile camera. he-he! :)

A customer checks out our products. :)

Another view of our exhibit

Top View of the Trinoma Street Fair

There is never a dull moment during Trinoma Exhibits. :) See you!