How do we process our Roasted Cashews?

My visit to my processing area at Palawan
April 2014

Hi everyone! Once in a while, I go back to my processing area and I refresh my skill on the process of making a roasted cashew.

How do we process our Roasted Cashews?

Step 1: The Fruit, that comes in different shades of yellow and red. I am holding a yellow fruit in this case. So, we remove the nut from the fruit.

Freshly Picked Cashew Fruit with Nut

Step 2: Bunch of nuts (still with shells tho)

The Nuts

Step 3: After carefully cutting the shell and not scratching the nut, to maintain the whole size of the nut intact. By cutting the nut into half, exposes it to have a itchy feeling when consuming the nut. Here you can see, nut is still unscathed. 

 Newly Opened Cashew Nut

Cashew Nuts - fresh from its shell

Step 4: Roasted Cashew Nut. Fresh out of the oven. We roast it twice to make sure the milky flavour comes out the cashew. You will know the difference once you take a bite of our cashew nuts! Thats for sure! :)

Oven Roasted Cashew

Step 5: After Roasting, we manually remove the skin from the nuts

Roasted Cashews

There you go! Thats how we roast our cashews! :) Yummmmm!