Honey - A Natural Memory Booster

Honey is a gift offered to us by mother nature. It has a very big number of beneficial properties like boosting our immune system, treating wounds and burns and even acting as a very efficient sleeping aid. What most people do not know is that honey is also able to boost our memory.

As mentioned earlier, honey is a sleeping aid. It is common knowledge that sleep is the most important activity for the human brain since it is allowed to be rejuvenated and rest. One of the functions that benefit from sleep is memory. It is reconstructed and strengthened making it a lot easier for us to remember things. So, honey offers us a better quality of sleep leading to improvement of our memory. But that is not all.

Honey also improves our memory without inducing sleep. Based on a research by the University of Waikato in New Zealand, a diet including honey on a daily basis strengthens our memory significantly. The experiment included three teams of rats given three different diets. The first team was given a diet containing 10% honey, the second team was given a different diet with 8% sucrose and the third team was fed no sugar at all. The experiment lasted 12 months while the scientists evaluated the teams every 90 days.
According to the results of the experiment, the team that had honey included in the diet demonstrated an improvement in memory. The rats were placed in a maze they used to enter before the beginning of the experiment and they all found the exit faster than before.

Science has confirmed that honey has yet another valuable property. One teaspoon of honey added in your daily diet will definitely help you very much in so many ways. So, give it a go and we guarantee that you will feel the difference in the first few days.