Cashew Nuts - Your Ultimate Testosterone Booster

Testosterone is an important hormone and plays various roles in the development of secondary sexual characteristics in males. It improves libido in males and reduces fatigue. In general, it improves the well being of human beings. The strong correlation that exists between cashews and testosterone cannot be underestimated. The high fat content available in cashews makes them suitable testosterone boosters.

More cashews intake directly translates to improved sex drive, reduced fatigue, improved mental focus, reduction in stress levels, masculinity, loss of body fat etc. Testosterone is the ultimate hormone that makes us men. Without it, perhaps we would be otherwise. It is for this reason that cashews are indispensable products for real men.

Testosterone and belly fat

Testosterone in a man is a representation of various essential qualities such as virility, masculinity, strength etc. It therefore means that a man with testosterone is self reliant, and honored. The only thing that will put you at risk of loosing all this traits is when you accumulate body fat especially around your belly. Large fat deposits is not only a distant threat but it is also dangerous to your health, since it accumulates around your vital organs.

Belly fat can also cause testosterone in your gonads to be converted to female sex hormone, estrogen making you to have curves like a woman. Basically, belly fat gradually converts a man to a woman i.e. he assumes feminine traits. The more fat that your body accumulates, the more your gonads will stop creating testosterone. Belly fat results into reduction in testosterone production and more estrogen levels, which is a sex hormone in females.

Why boost testosterone levels

So what will testosterone do for me if cashews boosts it? Well, there are many reasons why any man should prioritize at boosting his testosterone levels.

-Testosterone hormone acts all over the body and improves your mental focus. Contrary to the popular belief that associates the hormone with the genitals, it performs useful activities throughout your body enhancing your general well being.

-It also regulates the amount of fat that your body stores in relation to the energy requirements.

-It improves your libido enabling you to reproduce.

-It is the testosterone that builds your muscles after an exercise. It does this by increasing protein synthesis.

-It also helps prevent osteoporosis which results from loss of bone density.

Popular Myth

We have always followed old ways because they are old but not because they have been proven to be true. The old ways of loosing weight has been that of reducing fat intake in your diet. This advice is not only wrong but a serious lie that has been propagated by doctors and nutritionists for decades. Healthy fat is good and increases testosterone production.

We also know that lack of proteins in the diet decreases testosterone levels thus a decrease in libido. So does that mean that intake of lean red meat and eggs is good? Yes. This foods contain proteins that will boost your testosterone levels. Fat, calories and proteins are the indispensable trio for optimum testosterone production.

Various types of nuts such as cashews are powerhouses of fat. Daily intake of cashews is healthy as they contain monounsaturated fats which are healthy. Healthy fats are not risky to your vital body organs and also do not lead to an increase of cholesterol in the blood.

In conclusion, reduction of healthy fat intake, restricting yourself from red meat diet, reduction of the amount of calories taken are some of the tested and proven ways of lowering testosterone production. As a word of caution, It is crucial to note that exercises may not always yield positive results as they may cause the slowing down of testosterone production to a complete halt, especially if not done correctly.